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Wednesday, 25 August 2010



Part 2

If you have done so, please see Part 1 of this post (links are on the right hand side of this page).

In Part 2 of this post we will move on to look at Kenny Ortega, the man who was responsible for directing and choreographing Jackson's self-professed 'curtain call' - the 'This Is It' tour and director of the subsequent film that was made about the aborted event. Mr Ortega is intimately connected to the Disney Corporation and productions which underneath their family-orientated 'child friendly' veneer, appear related the themes of Mind Control. Just to be clear, I am have no idea to what extent, if any, Mr Ortega / Disney are intentionally involved in any of that which we have explored thus far. As the title of this blog would suggest, as well as it's tag-line, I am here seeking to move beyond ideas of conspiracy, arguing that whilst the product of human activity will sometimes be intentional (and indeed, conspiratorial), often it will be unintentional. With God however, all things are intentional. Therefore what I am seeking to do in this post is to examine what Mr Ortega has been associated with, in order to see if this connects to a broader pattern which helps to aid our understanding - to follow the white rabbit down down the rabbit hole, all then while keeping 'eyes wide open'.

Let us begin by taking a look at Kenny Ortega's work for Disney. Firstly he created, choreographed and directed the 'Best of Both Worlds' Tour, a 2007-2008 North American concert tour featuring singer, songwriter and actress Miley Cyrus of the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, performing both as a solo artist and in character as Hannah Montana. The tour is named after the theme song for the series, "The Best of Both Worlds", which reflects the 'dual nature' of the series' character. 

As we may expect, she is frequently associated with butterflies in her promotional imagery as well as a whole host of other symbols. I recommend going to Pseduooccultmedia and reading the articles on Miley Cyrus there to see how this relates to the themes of Trauma Based Mind Control.

Mr Ortega also directed the Disney film: The Cheetah Girls 2. Please research 'Kitten Programming' to see how this relates to Trauma Based Mind Control (again pseudooccultmedia will have lots of information relating to this). You will find that many  celebrities who are victims are often shown wearing animal print and accessories such as collars (perhaps representing bondage and enslavement).

The follow up to this film (not directed by Ortega) was Cheetah Girls 3: One World. I am not even going to comment on the significance of this title. 

Ortega directed High School Musical 1 and 2. See this post to gain an insight into how this relates to what has been discussed so far.  http://pseudoccultmedia.blogspot.com/2008/11/high-trauma-school-musical.html 

Ortega also directed 'Marilyn: An American Fable' - a musical about Marilyn Monroe, another 'star' who many have speculated was a victim of Trauma Based Mind Control. He choreographed Madonnas 'Material Girl' music video - again, see what I have just said about Marilyn Monroe. 

He further choreographed Barbara Streisands 'Timeless' concert - again, see above. 

Finally, he directed the Broadway musical, The Boy From Oz, which I also do not think needs any further comment.

Let us now take a quick look at some of what else Ortega has been involved with (this by no means an exhaustive list) and examine what may be significant therein. 

I should immediately comment that he has been responsible for choreographing the opening and closing ceremonies for two Olympic games. It probably does not need stating that anyone who is responsible for choreographing the opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympics needs to be incredibly well-versed in the occult and its imagery - a 'master' if you like. But let us look at at those those events separately, as they throw up some very interesting synchronicites which tie in with some of what we have looked at so far and what we will go onto to explore.

The 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta:

Please note the three pyramid resonating A's in 'Atlanta' in the first poster, reminding us of the three pyramids on the Gaza Plateau. Also note the three pentagrams in the second picture and how these resonate again with the the three pyramids at Giza, as well as replicating their layout. This connects to the three stars Orion's belt, which the Ancient Egyptians associated with Osiris. 

The 1996 Olympics in Atlanta (read: Atlantis) is perhaps most remembered for the Centennial Olympic Park terrorist bombing, which took place on July 27, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. It was the first of four bombings apparently committed by Eric Robert Rudolph, a former explosives expert for the United States Army. Two people died, and 111 were injured. 

Centennial Olympic Park was designed as the "town square" of the Olympics. The fountain area is surrounded by flags representing the host countries of each Summer Olympics preceding the 1996 games and columns reminiscent of Ancient Greece. There are several pieces of sculpture scattered through the park including a statue of Pierre de Coubertin, the 'father' of the modern Olympic movement. A small amphitheatre is located at the southern end of the park. Below we can see Pierre de Coubertin, father of the modern Olympic movement, ascending a set of three steps (reminding us of the 'three degrees' of freemasonry) flanked by some symbolic 'twin pillars'. 

When the bombing took place thousands of spectators had gathered for a late concert. Sometime after midnight, Rudolph planted a green U.S. military ALICE pack (an interesting link to Alice In Wonderland, often speculated to be a tool in Trauma Based Mind Control) containing three pipe bombs surrounded by nails underneath a bench near the base of a concert sound tower. Security guard Richard Jewell discovered the bag and alerted Georgia Bureau of Investigation officers; 9 minutes later, Rudolph called 911 to deliver a warning. Jewell and other security guards began clearing the immediate area so that a bomb squad could investigate the suspicious package. At 1:20 AM, the bomb exploded. Then-President Bill Clinton denounced the explosion as an "evil act of terror" and vowed to do everything possible to track down and punish those responsible. In thinking about the person responsible for the bombing, 'Rudolph', it seems pertinent to remind the reader of the 'sleepers' that were talked about in Part 1.

After the bombing there was a question as to whether the games should be 'aborted', particularly as 10 days earlier, another event had taken place which at that point, was still considered a possible terrorist attack...

Trans World Airlines Flight 800 (TWA 800), exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near East Moriches, New York, on July 17, 1996, at about 20:31, 11 minutes after takeoff, killing all 230 on board. TWA 800 was a scheduled international passenger flight from New York City to Rome, Italy, with a stopover in Paris, France. As noted, there was much initial speculation that a terrorist attack was the cause of the crash but sixteen months later the FBI announced that no evidence had been found of a criminal act, and closed its active investigation. It was concluded that the probable cause of the accident was an explosion of flammable fuel/air vapors in a fuel tank, and, although it could not be determined with certainty, the most likely cause of the explosion was a short circuit. Many TWA Flight 800 alternative theories exist, the most prevalent being that a missile strike from a terrorist or U.S. Navy vessel caused the crash, and was subsequently the subject of a government 'coverup'. The 'missile theory' emerged because of eyewitnesses in the Long Island area reported seeing something resembling a flare or firework ascend and explode.

It should be noted that the date this event occurred (July 17th) is part of the key timeframe in which the heliacal rising of Sirius occurred for the ancient Egyptians, marking the flooding of the Nile in Ancient Egypt and the beginning of the "Dog Days". Remember this, as it will be important later.

It now seems pertinent to mention the TWA 800 memorial. The memorial includes landscaped grounds, flags from the 14 countries of the victims, and a black granite sculpture with the names engraved on one side and an illustration on the other, of a wave releasing 230 birds into the sky.

I remind you at this point of the monolith from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, which to my mind resonates with the black granite memorial (as if were a monolith turned on its side). The monolith in 2001 directly connects to the 9/11 event. This connection comes in the form of the Millennium Hilton in New York City, which stands facing Ground Zero. The Hilton Worldwide website states the following: "The hotel is a high-rise black glass building which pays homage to Arthur C. Clarke's vision of the Monolith in '2001: A Space Odyssey'." In the film 2001, a mysterious black monolith appears at key markers in human evolution and its presence appears to actually trigger human evolution in the first act of the film 'The Dawn of Man'. Later in the movie it returns to usher man through a Stargate to be reborn as a 'star child'. Many others have observed the deep significance that a building, directly modelled on this monolith, is present at the site of the WTC attacks and literally overlooked them on 9/11, as if this symbolised that an event had taken place that would usher in a new phase of human evolution. 

It seems significant that a monolith resonator, in the form of this piece of black granite should be placed at the memorial for the TWA 800 crash, an incident, like 911, which is associated with alternative / conspiracy theories. The TWA 800 incident is also of course connected, by virtue of the timeframe in which it occurred, to the 'terrorist' bombing at Centennial Olympic Park.

The 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

The motto chosen for this Olympic games was 'Light The Fire Within;. Many have noted the occult significance of this slogan in relation to 'New Age' doctrine, where each person is encouraged to believe that they have a potential "godhead" within, thereby making everyone "gods". This idea was referenced in Part 1, where in both Captian Eo and The Wizard Of Oz, The 'Supreme Leader' / 'Wizard Of Oz' appear to be an gnostic representation of the God of The Bible / Quran (I.e. The God of Abraham) - who is portrayed as a 'charlatan' trying to keep people in spiritual darkness. The message of both films, as well as the motto of these Olympic games "light the fire within", is that the 'spark of illumination' resides within us all and that one must rely oneself, not God, which many would argue has been Satan's deception since the Garden Of Eden.

During the opening ceremony of the Salt Lake City Olympic games, two pertinent features immediately stand out relation to what we have just examined in regards to the Atlanta Olympics.

Firstly the Salt Lake City Olympics the were first to occur post- 9/11. Included therefore in the opening ceremony was the flag that flew at Ground Zero, as well as NYPD officer Daniel Rodriguez singing "God Bless America", and honor guards of NYPD and FDNY members. Significantly, along with the flag that flew at the World Trade Center site, the Challenger flag was also carried into the stadium. The Challenger flag is an American flag that was in the flight kit of the final, disastrous Challenger mission. The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred on January 28, 1986, when Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 72 seconds into its flight, leading to the deaths of its seven crew members. The number 72 plays a pivotal role in the Osiris mythos, and is therefore very significant here. The spacecraft disintegrated over the Atlantic Ocean (reminding us of the fate of TWA 800 and again, tying into Atlantis), off the coast of central Florida, United States, at 11:39 a.m. EST.

The Challenger flag was carried in the "official flight kit" of the Challenger space shuttle on its last flight. It was sealed in plastic and was next to some souvenir medallions being flown by one of the Astronauts. As the Challenger wreckage was brought up from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, rescuers found this flag, still in its sealed plastic bag, intact and completely unscathed. Just as there was controversy surrounding the TWA 800 disaster, with some accusing the government of a cover up, so in the case of The Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster (and with the Columbia Shuttle Disaster in 2003), some believe that NASA / the government executed a cover-up of the true cause of the disaster. 

Overall it seems significant that both that Atlanta and Salt Lake City Olympics games are linked in this manner. In the case of Atlanta we have a 'terrorist bomb' attack in a park which prominently features three steps leading up to 'twin pillars', proceeded by a suspected terrorist attack that causes the crash of a plane I to the Atlantic ocean, that is afterwards 'explained away' and linked to a cover up. In the case of Salt Lake City Olympics, echoes of both of these events are found in the references to another significant terrorist attack involving 'twin pillars', as well as to the disintegration of a space shuttle over the Atlantic ocean , again linked to a possible cover up. It should be noted that in the case of both 'terrorist attacks' (Centennial Park Bombing / 9/11) sleeper agents may have been involved.

The 72nd Academy Awards

Mr Ortega is reported to have choreographed the 72nd Academy Awards, which took place in the year 2000, and are known for being one of the most technically ambitious and expensive Oscar productions ever staged. It should be noted that these were the 72nd Academy Awards, and as noted already, 72 is a key number on the Osiris Mythos. The Academy Awards, known as The Oscars, are again related to Osiris and Oz, 'Oz' being shorthand for 'Oscar'. Many others have speculated that the famous golden 'Oscar' is in fact a representation of Osiris.

If we look at the promotional poster we can see the 'Oz' hidden in plain sight when we turn the loser on it's sound '2000' becoming '000Z').  Note also the 'phallic' Oscar 'penetrating' the zeros, and the manner in which this resonates with the NASA logo, the latter of shich we will come to later.

Incidentally, there is much talk that Ortega's film, 'This Is It', will be nominated for best documentary at the 2011 oscars and that Ortega himself will be nominated for best director.

I thought it might now be useful to examine the films that won awards or were nominated for awards at the 72nd Academy Awards, particularly as this took place in the year 2000 and honoured films that were all made in the year 1999, the year leading up to the new millennium:

'One Day in September': a documentary film directed by Kevin Macdonald examining the September 5, 1972 murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany.

Note the cross hair and how this ties into the theme of the cross and the crosshairs over the World Trade Center we looked at in Hanging Out The Windows On The World (Trade Center).

The title 'One Day In September' eerily foreshadows what would later take place in 2001. Note also link with the Centennial Park Bombings, another terrorist attack  which took place during an Olympic games. Incidentally, the ending of the film contains graphic photographs of dead Israelis and Palestinians in a photo-montage set to the Deep Purple song "Child in Time", the title of which evokes the idea of Peter Pan, the eternal 'child in time' a 'child-god' who is forever young.
'The Sixth Sense', a film about a troubled, isolated boy who is able to see and talk to the dead. Interestingly, in the nights leading up to his "This Is It" London concert series, Jackson is said to have repeatedly called Kenny Ortega at  3:30 in the morning (a significant number there) to 'brainstorm' ideas for the show. Ortega told the Los Angeles Times:

He used the word 'channeling. He would say when the information was coming, when the idea was coming, it was a blessing. And he couldn't turn his back on a blessing. 

. . . I would say to him, Cant you make a little pact with your higher power to have this put on a shelf for you until a later date? We need you healthy. We need you nourished. Hed laugh at me and say no. When they come, you have to be ready for them and you have to take advantage of them when theyre there. Or they wont be yours.

I also remind you of the 'Ghost of Michael Jackson' story in relation to this film, as well of course as the Michael Jackson song / production 'ghost'.


Jackson also alluded to being psychic on more than one occasion. In an interview with Barbara Walters on September 12 (note the date) 1997, she asked him how he heard of Princess Diana's death. "I woke up, and my doctor gave me the news," he said, "and I fell back down in grief, and started to cry.... I said there's another one real soon, I feel it coming, there's another one, and I pray it's not me. Please, don't let it be me. And Mother Teresa came." Walters then asked if he was saying he was psychic. "I don't want to say that," he replied, "but I've done it before."

Jackson also claimed to communicate with the spirit of flamboyant pianist Liberace, who died in 1987. Jackson supposedly had a private mirror-filled room where he communed with Liberace. "That's where I talk to Lee," Jackson said. "His is the voice I hear in there. I feel his presence so very close to me. He is like my guardian angel. He's even given me permission to record his theme song 'I'll Be Seeing You'." The mirror-filled room and the song 'I'll be seeing you' seem very pertinent when we considered the fractured mind of an MPD victim. Incidentally, Marilyn Monroe was said to have a similar mirror-filled room.

'The Phantom Menace', featuring a young Anakin Skywalker who will later become Darth Vader. Later in the series of Star Wars films Anakin he be symbolically 'resurrected', tying in again with the dying / rising 'god' theme. Anakin Skywalker (a white child) will become 'imprisoned' in a black suit, the opposite of Michael Jackson's experience. Note also the connection between 'Skywalker' and 'Moonwalker'.

'The Green Mile', a film which tells the story of a corrections officer on Death Row during the Great Depression and the supernatural events he witnessed. Commentator Dawn Mendez referred to the character of John Coffey (one of the inmates on Death Row) as a "'magic Negro' figure"a term coined by Spike Lee to describe a stereotypical fictional black person depicted in a fictional work as a "saintly, nonthreatening" person whose purpose in life is to solve a problem for or otherwise further the happiness of a white person. Lee himself berated the character as one of several "super-duper, magical Negros" depicting a skewed version of the black male, claiming it was due to the prominence of white decision makers in the media companies.  I ask you to consider these statements in relation to Michael Jackson. We should also note that many interpret the film as a thinly veiled take on the the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Jesus Christ / John Coffey). In relation to this dying / rising 'god' theme we may wish to consider the inclusion of 'Green' in the title and the extent that this may relate to another dying  / rising 'god' Osiris ( The Green Man / The Green Mile).

'Bicentennial Man'- this film follows the evolution of an android robot played by Robin William, after his introduction into a Martin (read: martian) family and interaction with them through four generations. The robot becomes increasing unhappy with his body and seeks to change it, first adding skin, then genitalia, etc. He goes to court to request that he be recognized as man. When the court rules that he cannot as he is immortal he chooses to have his parts changed so at he would be able to die. It wasnt until after his death that the court recognized him as a man. One can see the parallels with aspects of Jackson's life. In terms of seeking to change one's body and struggling, like E.T., to 'fit in'. Both Bicentennial Man and Jackson seem to find redemption in death, as does incidentally, Darth Vader.

'The Matrix', a film in which the central character comes to the realisation that reality as perceived by humans is actually a 'simulated reality'. He again resonates heavily with Jesus Christ and the dying / rising 'god' theme, experiencing a vivid 'rebirth'. The film is also intimately connected in it's symbolism to 'Alice In Wonderland' which is often claimed to be a key programming tool for Trauma Based Mind Control.

'Being John Malkovich', where John Malkovich plays a 'fictionalized' version of himself and depicts 'a puppeteer' finding a small portal that leads into the mind of actor John Malkovich.


'The Talented Mr Ripley', one of the central plot elements of which is a man assuming 'multiple identities'.

'American Beauty' (which won Best Picture), a film in the directors words, "about imprisonment ... loneliness [and] beauty".

'Magnolia', a film which due to its numerous references to Exodus in the Old Testament, has to do with "slavery" - in the context of the film, this being the exploitation of children by adults.

'Fight Club', a film which is all about a person suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder who forms a secret, underground 'fight club'. The final shots of the film show multiple skyscrapers, including 'twin towers', exploding due to terrorist bombs and collapsing.

Let us pause and quickly summarise the themes from those films that were either nominated or won an academy award:
  • A film about a 'saintly', 'nonthreatening', 'magical' black man furthering the happiness of white people. This film also seems to be an allegorical representation of the crucifixion of Christ.
  • A film about a troubled, isolated boy who is able to see and talk to the dead.
  • A film about a famous actor whose mind is infiltrated by a 'puppeteer'.
  • A film about a man who assumes multiple identities
  • A film about an android trying to become human
  • A film about "imprisonment ... loneliness [and] beauty".
  • A film about man who realises his reality is in fact 'simulated' and that he is in a state of bondage.
  • A film about a young child who will layer become 'imprisoned' in a black suit and fits the dying / rising 'god' archetype
  • A film which alludes to slavery and the exploitation of children by adults.
  • A film about a sufferer of MPD who forms a 'secret club', which also includes shots of terrorist bomb attacks on twin skyscrapers, causing them to collapse.
  • A film about a terrorist attack in the month of September, linked with the number '11'. Also linked to idea of the 'cross' and the dying / rising child 'god'.

With all that in mind, let us move on Part 3...


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